Portland Personal Trainer Kisar - What are the Rotator cuff or SITS muscles?

The rotator cuff muscles can be classified as the S.I.T.S. muscles, which are:1. Subscapularis2. Infraspinatus3. Teres Minor4. SupraspinatusThis muscles tend to be weaker in most individual and are prone to injury in repetitive motion activities such as throwing a baseball, golfing and using improper bio-mechanics when engaging in physical activity. Pain can present itself when reaching over your head, trying to put on a coat, trying to scratch your back. lying on your side at night and it is is chronic pain and lifting a glass of water to drink.  If this pain persists or is causing you not to sleep or function properly during the day, you should consult your physician or orthopedic who specializes in shoulder injuries. They will probably refer you to a physical therapist and if they do, make sure you do the homework outside of therapy because that will make or break your recovery process.Thanks,Kisar