Portland Personal Trainer | The Portland Sun | Working Out In It

When it comes to exercising out in the sun it is all about hydration, wearing the proper clothing and knowing what your limitations are. There will be times when you go for a run on the Southwater Front or on the Spring Water trail and the temperatures is awesome and there is not a cloud in the sky! Who wouldn't want that type of running weather? But if it is around that time when the temperatures can start to really creep up on you, you need to be prepared. That is why most of the sponsored races or events are always in the early the morning!The active community here in Portland is great, but sometimes they can really go over the top because the Sun is out there shining and just tempting  us. So don't just go out there with out preparing a little bit. Here are some of the tips that your fitness professional or Portland personal trainer can help you with:1. Wear breathable and light colored clothing, especially in the heat2. Wear shoes that are the right fit, type and are comfortable3. Have enough water or liquid solution that will last you at least an hour in the heat4. Drink every 15 minutes and more frequently if it is hot outside5. Pay attention to your perspiration levels, especially if you stop sweating. This can be a sign of over heating symptoms, so get in the shade quickly and get some electrolytes in your system.6. Have some small snacks with you because you should be ingesting some kind of carbohydrate every hour of activity7. Have emergency money, ID, credit card and change if you do not have a cell phone with you.8. Tell someone where you are going to be exercising, unless you are with your personal trainer Portland or fitness professional9. Listen to your body10. Enjoy the activityBy Kisar DhillonThe Art of Personal Training107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214