Portland Personal Trainer | Should You Exercise When You Are Sick | Yes or No

As many of you know, exercise is a great thing for our body.  It helps us ward off diseases, maintain a healthy weight, perform daily functions with ease, fight off colds, and so much more. With the change of our weather going from warm to cold, it seems as though everyone around us is getting sick. Studies have shown that exercise can help fight off simple infections such as the common cold and flu, which gives us even more motivation to continue getting our body moving.The real question is though, should you work out while you are sick? Is it safe? As mentioned above, exercise does a great job of fighting off infection, but you must listen to your body.  Here are some things to be aware of if you decide to hit the gym with a cold:

  1. If you feel light headed at any point during your workout, stop.  It’s not worth pushing through and chancing the fact that you’ll make yourself even sicker, or worse; passing out.
  2. Many types of cold medicine you take will increase your heart rate, as will exercise.  If your heart is beating stronger than usual, slow it down or stop.
  3. If you are suffering through a cough and/or are very congested, do not work out.  It is so important to breathe during exercise, and if you’re having a hard time breathing before you even start, sit this one out.
  4. The most important part is if you are running a fever, have the chills, have the shakes, etc. You need to rest and let the body fight what every is going on in your body. You body does not need to be taxed any more than it is, so rest is the best thing if you are questioning working out or not.
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