Portland Personal Trainer | Run or Walk?

Are you a runner or an avid walker or wogger? A lot of us will start off jogging/running and then when we get older or injured we will slow it down and continue to wog (Walk/Jog). If you look at caloric expenditure for a 30-minute time span, a runner is going to burn more calories than someone who is walking. Basically, you will have to walk for an hour to match the caloric expenditure of what a runner does in a half-hour (give or take a few calories). The downside of running is that it is creates a lot of wear and tear on our joints, muscles, tendons and bones. I do understand the great feeling you get when you run and the excellent sweat you generate from pushing your body up those hills and then getting a great pace on the flats. Some people think walking is just too boring and it takes too long to get results, but in the long-term your body will appreciate it. If you want to continue to walk and burn even more calories, then hiking is┬ásomething┬áthat you can incorporate.Thanks,Kisar DhillonThe Portland Personal TrainerThe Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241