Portland Personal Trainer | Quick Rules on getting a Six-Pack

Here are the simple rules: 1. You must do abdominal & core exercises that will constantly challenge those muscles: Abdominal & Core Muscles2. These exercises do not always have to be crunches or ab curls, etc. You can do other functional type of exercises that will integrate your core & abdominal muscles in the exercise routine. This will also avoid burnout of doing the same ab routine over and over.3. Cardiorespiratory Exercise: Depending on your goal, doing an aerobic component to your routine will help in defining your muscles, but you need to know when to increase or decrease this in your program. You do not want to overload on this because you can lose muscle mass if done too much. Make sure you incorporate it in a systematic and well thought out manner4. Food Program/Intake- You must have a proper food intake program. I would suggest contacting a nutritionist or registered dietician in setting up a 12 to 16 week program that incorporates your entire program. They will be able to suggest a caloric number that will incorporate how much activity you are doing, how much food your are currently intaking and what your true caloric needs to be to achieve your goal. Your food choices will change when you are getting close to getting that six pack, especially if you want to take pictures.5. The last variable is something we cannot change. All six or eight packs are different and that is our genetics fault (blame your parents). Some people with achieve results quicker, may be more defined, have deeper cuts or muscle definition, and that is just plain ol' genetics.Good Luck,Kisar