Portland Personal Trainer | Post Thanksgiving Workout | Burn Those Calories

Today is Thanksgiving and most of us are going to be consuming a ton of calories, drink a lot of those calories and enjoying those wonderful deserts. Then there will be leftovers, so we cannot get caught up in the downturn that usually follows Thanksgiving. A lot of individuals will just give up for the Holidays and make the excuse that they will just start up in the New Year. Just to keep that momentum going, here is a great article that you can use to have a great Post Thanksgiving Workout : Post Thanksgiving Full Body WorkoutEnjoy the workout and go at your own pace! You will want to do you best to keep it going, especially if you ate a lot of food on this specific day. The reason we are addressing this day is because you are going to have left overs that will consist of dessert, stuffing, gravy, rolls or biscuits, alcohol, etc. All of this can really bloat you up, but most of all, put you in the 2013 Holiday Season, which is not bad. The only bad part is not wanting to keep up with your fitness and exercise goals, which can turn into unwanted pounds that you will want to lose in 2014. Keep that momentum going and do as many workouts as you can during this time of the year, even if you are enjoying all the food, festivities, candy, pastries, etc.If you are working with a Portland Oregon personal trainer or taking group fitness classes at your local club or gym, keep going and do not cancel or flake out. This is what will make your goals for 2014 a game changer, so do your best and get out there and stay active.Happy Thanksgiving...The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241