Portland Personal Trainer: Lose The Fat, Get A Six Pack!

If you are looking to get rid of that belly fat and get back to looking lean all over your body, then you will like this blog post. When it comes to losing body fat there are some simple rules that you need to follow.If you are all about doing a ton of abdominal crunches or old school sit-ups, then that is part of the program. Yes, you need to challenge your mid-section and that will get you strong, powerful and muscular abdominals, oblique’s and core muscles. The key is that you want those abdominals to be able to be present and not hidden underneath that later of fat and skin.Since we cannot reduce our skin, then the logical approach is to reduce the amount of body fat that lies on top of our abdominal wall. If the person is not working on that aspect of their fitness program, then doing abdominal workouts without reducing the amount of body fat will actually make that are look bigger. It is a combo effect: exercise the abdominal region, but at the same reduce the amount of fat on the body. So when you are increasing your lean body mass, you are decreasing your body fat percentage, so your muscular definition will become more present as the weeks go by.In the beginning you will start to lose a good amount of inches and body fat, but when you start to get more lean, it is going to be more difficult, especially when you getting close to 10% and lower.  When this happens I would recommend taking a week off from working out, but make sure you are keeping up with your clean food intake (eating healthy). What we want to accomplish is giving your entire body, especially the muscles, time to rest and recover. In addition, by letting them rest for a week, when you are back in the gym to workout hard, your body is going to be shocked again just like the first time and results will start to happen again.The body does not like change, so sometimes you need to play mind games with it in order to shock it again and start getting results. I made a comment about eating clean, and this basically means that you need to start eating healthy foods that will help you in accomplishing your goal. Eating clean means eating foods that you can actually identify on your plate, unlike lasagna, pizza, fried chicken, pasta with Alfredo sauce, etc.  You want to be able to see every food group versus it being mixed up in some kind of casserole or fast food item. The best way to approach this is by preparing all of your food at home and taking it with you to work, etc. It is okay to go out to each, but you cannot control what they put in your food, so order appropriately when you go out.The last aspect I want you to focus on is making your aerobic component or cardiorespiratory efficient. Meaning, don't waste your time in the gym, make the cardio count, so make the intensity high. You want to burn the most amount of calories in a shorter duration than longer. I want you not to do more than 30 minutes of cardio at time and make sure it is intense enough that you are sweating, burning calories and know that you just burned a bunch of fat calories.If you are having a challenging time figuring out a schedule, then I would recommend hiring a Portland personal trainer or a fitness professional in your area.Thanks,Kisar S. DhillonThe Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241