Portland Personal Trainer | Lebert Equalizer | 2014 Fitness Review

Our Portland personal trainer studio purchased a set of the Lebert Equalizer about six weeks ago and our clients love the new addition, plus it is a new fitness toy. There are many things that we like about this new apparatus, but the one thing that is super awesome about it is that it is portable. Being in a private studio and working with clients one on one, if another trainer needs to move it or put it in another part of the studio, it is light, easy to move, and is excellent on space saving.I know there has been many reviews on this specific fitness device, but I am giving you a look at how it is working in an actual professional studio, with client traffic flow and training sessions going on all day. Rather than buying an actual dip bar, the equalizer is less expensive and it will not take up so much space as an actual dip station. In addition, you can use the Lebert for other fitness moves and exercises, which a traditional dip station you cannot.  Yes, dips are a great exercise, but you can do push-upsLebert Eq1Lebert EQ2  rows, etc. But one of the best uses we have realized is utilizing it to help individuals maintain proper form for such movements as the lunge.For individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose, just doing a body weight lunge can be straining on their joints and muscles, especially if they have never done one before in a controlled environment for repetitions at a time. What the Equalizer does is allow the personal training client to be able to use their arms and upper body to help control and assist so all the pressure and weight is not 100% on the legs. Once the individual is comfortable with the movement, we will then graduate them to use only one Lebert Equalizer, with the goal of only using it to maintain balance, but having them use their entire body weight.The one thing that can be challenging for individuals is that if they are doing a full body weight exercise, it can put a lot of pressure on the hand and wrist. Yes, it does take some time to build up muscular endurance to hold a person’s body up, especially when the contact points are with the hands, but sometimes it can hurt a little bit. When situations like this happen, that is the time when we will have a break to rest, stretch and massage the hands, and then complete the set that we started. Eventually, the client will build up the endurance, but it will take time and get better with practice and consistency.Overall, we think the Lebert Equalizer is a big hit with not only our Portland personal trainer clients, but with our staff. Learning a new piece of equipment is not only exciting, but it becomes and extra tool that we can use to create better exercises and generate positive results for our clients.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241