Portland Personal Trainer: Lance Armstrong, His Ordeal, His Legacy, Does It Matter

My name is Kisar Dhillon and I am Portland Personal Trainer here in Portland, Oregon. I am not a cyclist nor do I own a bicycle. Which does go against the grain when living in the city that is so biker friendly. I have been reading a lot of the news in regards to Mr. Armstrong's doping ordeal (EPO) and the extent of it. When I finally read it in the Wall Street Journal, then I knew it was pretty legit and the governing body had a lot of evidence not only on Lance Armstrong, but about the entire sport. I guess the final nail in the coffin is when Lance Armstrong's closest cycling colleague finally cracked under pressure and spilled the beans about how doping was a norm for this sport, especially if you wanted to compete at the highest level.Based on the article that I read in the Journal, it seems that all of the cycling pros use enhanced drugs to help them rise above, but it seems that they all do it. It was even said that there coordinated efforts with other teams when it came to getting tested, who just got tested, ways to beat the tests, etc. I was talking to a client of mine and he made a good point. If most or all of the cyclists are using EPO Doping drugs, including Lance Armstrong, and he was the best cyclist when on these drugs, then wouldn't he still be number one during those times if no one was taking the drugs. It seems based on the information presented that all of the pros in this sport are on some enhanced performance drug, so take them away and someone like Lance Armstrong would still be on top, just not as good of a time or fast pace, but one of a normal non enhanced athlete.I am also curious on what is going to happen with his foundation, Live Strong! It is sort of like Barry Bonds with the asterisk. He was an amazing baseball player, but he also took steroids. Regardless, they are great athletes and sometimes they get caught up in the wrong stuff in the wrong time. When you want to be number one, it can be challenging not to say No for something that could possibly give you an edge over your competition. We can all criticize and say bad things or that they deserve what they get, but we are not in their shoes, nor do we know how much pressure it must be to perform under those circumstances. This is just my opinion!Kisar DhillonPortland Personal Trainer The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241