Portland Personal Trainer | Jawbone Up Bracelet | 2014 Review

So I recently just got the Jawbone Up bracelet for Christmas  and I have to say one thing, I really like it. I was that one person who would see people wearing this weird looking bracelet, but once you get one, it is actually pretty cool. Yes, I do wish it was more aesthetically pleasing, more of a fashionable bracelet, bangle or a cool watch, but you can not have it always your way. Jawbone ImageWhat do I like about this bracelet?1. It works on my Google Android phone (nothing against Apple phones)2. I love that this it has a pedometer that actually works. I have had so many that are just cheesy and lame3. It is a great to see your results immediately on your smart phone: how many steps, how many calories, even your sleep patterns.4. As I just mentioned, it calculates your sleep patterns: deep sleep, light sleep, wake ups, etc.5. You can set you own milestones, which keeps the motivation to move more at at high6. It has a breakdown of stats, even total months7. It is comfortable and the cost is worth it8. It is great to show our Portland personal trainer clients how it works, especially if they need that extra amount of activity in their day9. Ability to log extra workouts, which will help in calories burned through out the day10. It reminds you of: I should take the stairs, I should park farther away, etc. It is the little things that can add up and create great surprises.I know they have a limited amount of different colors, but I would love to have one in yellow or black and yellow, but we will see what they come up with. I would highly recommend this to anyone, because it is not bulky and you can visually see how you are doing in an instance.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241