Portland Personal Trainer: Importance of Running In All Directions

There are a lot of runners throughout the United States, and the art of running is such a  great workout. It not only burns a ton of calories, but it gives a person a sweat that you cannot get with any other exercise. What injures runners, weekend warriors and individuals who solely do this activity is the moment they have to do lateral running or perform lateral movements.If a person who just runs, they are more apt to injure themselves the moment they are required to move laterally towards a tennis ball, a football pass, or running to get a ground ball.  If a runner wants to get in really great shape, then they need to practice doing specific movements in all the planes of motions and in all directions.This is something that I experienced when I started playing tennis again. I was  doing a lot of running for years up to when I started getting into tennis again, and it was just brutal. I got a knee injury, sprained ankle and a pulled groin all from not being used to moving laterally in quick sudden bursts.  I was in very good shape, but I needed to start training specific for this sport after my injuries subsided, so that is why it so important to cross-train regardless of what sport you are engaging in.Thanks,Kisar DhillinPortland Personal Trainer