Portland Personal Trainer - How much to pay for Personal Training?

How much should a client pay for personal training? The question that you have to ask yourself is, how much would you pay for a professional service. You have to research the person you are going to be training with: how long have they been in the industry, how many clients or client hours have they trained, do they have a college degree and/or certifications, are they insured, and do they have a legitimate business. You want to find a trainer who takes their profession seriously and they are making a living at it as a career. There are too many trainers out there that want to make a quick buck and they they think they can train because they like working out and they have a great body. Go with a trainer who has made a career out of training. Don't go for the cheapest per hour trainer, because you will get what you pay for. Just like going to an attorney or accounting firm, you get what you pay for. We are a service based business, so make sure they also offer excellent customer service, never show up late and are always professional.Thanks,KisarPortland Personal Trainer