Portland Personal Trainer: High Fiber Foods Are Important

Fiber is so important to have in our diet because it helps our digestive tract function properly and it helps with lowering the risks associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.If you are working with a registered dietitian or a well educated personal trainer Portland, then ask them how much fiber does one need on a daily basis. With so much information on the web, you could probably find a lot of information on your own, but it always best to get this type of information first hand and in person.As a rule of thumb, women on average should have anywhere between 21 to 25 gram per day and men should be in-taking between 30 to 38 grams per day. We can achieve this by eating foods such as raspberries, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, lentils, carrots, etc.You always want to keep your digestive tract moving because it helps rid yourself from toxins that you either ingest from food or get from being around our environment. Being regular is healthy, so if you are not consistent with your bowel movements then you should seek the professional advice from a physician. That is why it is so  important to engage in physical activity, because the better in shape you get, hopefully you will start to eat healthier, which means a healthier inside.If your diet is not as good as it should be, then I would recommend starting out with high fiber foods that you enjoy eating. If you are not a vegetable person, then pick some fruits and grains that are appealing to your appetite. You want to set yourself up for success, so talk with a registered dietitian, work with a Portland personal trainer and have regular physical exams with your physician.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241