Portland Personal Trainer - Fitness Goals, how to write them?

When it comes to writing goals, especially Fitness Goals the first questions you need to ask yourself is:1. What do you want?2. What is a realistic timeline that you are giving yourself?3. Why are you doing it?Once you have figured those questions out, here are another set of rules that you must follow to make this goal come to fruition:1.  Write your goal(s) in the present tense. Meaning, right them like they are already happened.2. Write them on a piece of paper or several, so you can look at them every day, especially before you go to bed and when you wake up.3. Read them out loud to yourself. You can do this in the car, when you are showering, etc.4. Tell a minimum of 3 individuals who will not give up on you and give in to any excuses you throw at them. These people will hold you accountable to your goals and will feel let down if you do not accomplish it.5. Set small milestones goals within the parameters of achieving that main goal6.  Reward yourself every time you achieve a milestone marker that you have set out to accomplish in while going after that big goal.7. Have fun doing this and when you achieve your goal, set another one and use the same principles for all goals in your life.Thanks,Kisar S. DhillonPortland Personal Trainer