Portland Personal Trainer | Exercising too Hard | Here are the Fitness Signs

There comes a point in your fitness routine when you just need to rest. I am not talking about taking a day off or two from working out (another blog post), but I am talking about when you are not able to catch your breath, you feel nauseous, your hands are getting clammy, you are sweating profusely and you just don't feel good.These are signs that you have pushed yourself too hard and that you need to increase the rest times between your sets and exercises that you are doing. If you are just starting out after having a long hiatus from fitness, then you want to give yourself at least one minute between your exercises. If you are doing aerobic exercise, then you do not want to go to your maximum heart rate. What you should be doing is just getting your body used to moving again, and then when you feel you have a better base, I would kick it up a notch. You do not go all out when you have not done anything for quite some time. If you feel like your breath is not consistent or you cannot find your rhythm, you are better off slowing down, go back into a fast walk and then build it back up again to a walk/jog or very light run.If you need assistance then I would highly recommend that you hire a personal trainer to help you  with this type of exercise. Another great tool that you and your personal trainer can do is go to a running track at your local college or high school and work on pacing. You can run the long sides and walk the corners. When you start to develop more muscular endurance, you can run one length and two corners, and then eventually the entire quarter mile loop.Good luck with you exercise and remember, if you have a question, ask your professional fitness expert of personal trainer. Yes, it will cost you money, but you will learn the correct way and be on your way to better fitness program.Thanks,Kisar DhillonPortland Personal Trainer 

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