Portland Personal Trainer | A Successful Fitness Program

So what makes for a successful fitness program? Is it just having an awesome personal trainer? Having excellent professional assistance is part of the whole package. In order to have a successful fitness program you will need 5-components and they are:1. Professional Training - Personal Trainer - who is experienced2. Resistance- You need a resistance component to add to your fitness program3. Cardiorespiratory  - A cardiorespiratory component to exercise both your cardiovascular & respiratory systems4. Proper Nutrition - To get better results in a shorter amount of time, you need to watch your food intake and types of food you intake5. Lifestyle Coaching - Adding  a lifestyle component to your fitness regimen will help you write down, track and visualize your goals. In addition, it will allow you to see what is important in your fitness program and plan goals accordingly. Having someone to hold you accountable  will help you get to that next level.Having all of these five components is necessary in accomplishing your fitness goals, especially if you have a certain time line or goal date. When business want to better themselves, they will hire a business consultant to get them there. When you have legal issues, you will hire an attorney and they will have a plan that they will follow. The same is for a fitness program, if you want the program to work for you, then follow the five components and you will be able to achieve that goal.Thanks & Happy Holidays,Kisar