Portland, Oregon: When Should You Start Lifting Weights?

Throughout our entire life we are doing some kind of weight lifting. Even though we may not be picking up a dummbell, we are always challenging our muscles by doing something. If anyone of you had to to do yard work, then pushing that lawn mower is a form of pushing a weight or taking out the trash (when there was not wheels), we had to literally lift or drag them. All of these simple little tasks all involved pushing, pulling or lifting an object from point A to point B.When it comes to focusing on certain muscle groups, like in weight lifting, I always recommend that the younger individuals stick to their own body weight. That is why martial arts, wrestling or other forms of self defense are excellent tools to introduce them to fitness, discipline and the importance of excellent biomechanic's and form. When the individual starts to get older, for example in high school (11th grade) then they can be introduced to weight lifting. If they are going to be playing football or other sports, then the strength and conditioning coaches will have them on a certain program for their specific sport.The problem arises when the individual is too young and the external added stress may damage the growth plates, and that is something you want to avoid.If you are want to learn the correct form and the way to lift weights, then contact a personal trainer who is experienced, educated and has knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology.Thanks,Kisar S. DhillonThe Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241