Portland Oregon Personal Trainer | Working Out In The Morning | Successfully Exercising

Your alarm goes off and you wake up confused as to why that is.  You look at your clock and its only 4:30.  Thinking your alarm must have a mind of its own; you shut it off, roll over and fall back asleep.The truth is, even a Portland personal trainer will struggle to get up in the morning to get that workout in before their day starts.  Putting in long days, everyone values their sleep. The truth is, getting your workout in before your day starts is the best time to do it, and ensure that it happens.Before work sweat sessions are the most likely to happen because you don’t have your whole day to talk yourself out of it, or put it off.  You only struggle with that moment when your blaring alarm sounds and you debate whether you want to continue to sleep or get moving.Here are some suggestions from your personal trainer Portland to stay committed to your early morning workouts:

  1. Set your clothes out the night before.  Place your top and pants on your nightstand, and your shoes and socks right where your feet first hit the floor.  See everything set and ready to go will give you that extra push to get up.
  2. Label your alarms.  Name it whatever you have to in order to get yourself out of bed.  These can be plain and simple such as “time to work out!” or they can be a reminder of your goals such as “one more month swimsuit season.”
  3. Get your significant other on board.  Nothing is worse than waking up early, seeing your honey still lying in bed, sound asleep.  Encourage them to get up and join you.  Be the motivating factor for each other.
  4. Vary your workouts.  If you get up each morning, and do the same thing each time, you’re going to get in a funk.  Switch it up.  Run every other morning, mixing in strength training.
  5. Give yourself a break.  If you had a late night, or know you have to go into work earlier than usual, push your workout to another day.  Don’t make this a habit, but listen to your body when it needs to rest or needs some time off.
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