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The most important aspect of starting any fitness routine, workout program or working with a Portland personal trainer, is to establish what your ground fitness base is. Why is this important? Because if you do not have a basic starting point to discover your strengths and weaknesses, then it is a recipe for disaster to just start out exercising without having a safe plan to avoid injury.If you are an individual who has not exercised in over 10 years, then you will need to make sure you not only get clearance from your medical physical, but that you have some kind of basic ramp up period to really build a solid fitness base. The reason you want to do this is because when you start to implement more challenging types of activities, exercises and types of weights and machines, you want to make sure your tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones and cardiorespiratory system are ready to go to that next level. Too many individuals will start a fitness program and then try to ramp up too fast and that is when injury comes into play and will create a set back and discouragement.In our profession, we always see significant others wanting to workout together and in most cases, one of the spouses or significant other is always in way better shape that the other person. Even though they know this, they still want to try this out, which can lead to discouragement, disappointment, anger, being upset and feeling lame because their partner is in better shape than them. Even when we point it out that there is a huge level discrepancy taking place, sometimes they still want to push through, which we can commend, but also not recommend. Sometimes it is a financial factor, but most of the time an ego is at stake, and when that happens, that is when they need to either come to realization that they need to stick with a simpler workout routine, or have their own private time to train, which in the long run, will create better, safer and longer lasting results.The problem with semi-private training is that both individuals need to be fairly equal with their fitness levels, which is something you do not come across that often. When you do, it is a great experience, because you are able to teach both individuals at the same time what needs to be done, how the form is supposed to be like, etc. When two individuals are totally off, the personal trainer will need to focus more of their attention on the individual who needs more assistance, which can create the more advanced person to become bored and not challenged to their full potential. The term personal training is to be broken down into two different words: personal, which means it is individualized, it is about the relationship and it is about creating a workout specifically for that individual. The second term is training: which means that this persona is getting trained according to their own fitness ability and in a safe, controlled environment by a professional.When it comes to small group training, if all the individuals are at different fitness levels, then this can be a recipe for disaster, just like with boot camp style classes. Small group training works well when the level of fitness for all individuals is not far off from one another. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, especially with actual military boot camps, but they also have certain pre-screening protocols in order to qualify to get into the military. With these small group training and non-military boot camp classes, they will accept mostly everyone. It is great that they want to exercise, but on the other hand, they really need to take into consideration the lack of personal attention, which can create an extremely higher probability of injury. That is why we do not allow small group training at our facility, because we specialize in what we are professionals at, private, one-on-one personal training.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241