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Many runners are good at running for long distances, because that’s a fairly easy thing to build towards.  If you want to run a long way, you have to start running further and further, until you reach a length you are satisfied with.  Fewer people, however, are aware of how to become faster, especially over shorter distances.  To build speed for a 5k or a marathon, you need to practice running at faster speeds, but how do you become better at sprinting? If you are running with a friend, ask them if they want to mix things up a bit and create some different techniques for running. Also, if you are working with a fitness professional, Portland Oregon personal trainer or are thinking of joining a running group, ask them about different techniques.There are three main things you can do to become a faster sprinter:

  1. Do drills that get your legs turning over at a fast rate. By doing drills that call for fast turnover of the legs, you are increasing the rate at which neural recruitment in your muscles can take place.  The faster your legs and feet are used to going, the faster they can go.  Soccer players are a good example of this.  Their footwork is very fast because they have practiced moving their feet quickly, and do a lot of drills that require quick movements.
  2. Sprinters have a lot of fast twitch muscle fibers, which are strengthened and recruited both during sprinting and weightlifting.  This is why sprinters are so much more built up than distance runners are.  Their upper body strength helps to propel them when their legs get fatigued, and the strength of their legs allows for explosive starts.
  3.   After a long run or an easy run, do some quick 100 meter repeats.  This will help to build fast twitch muscles and will get your legs used to moving quickly.
The ways to become faster at sprinting aren’t complicated, though they are less intuitive than other aspects of fitness.  By building strength, getting your legs used to moving fast, and by sprinting, it is possible to build up speed and become faster over shorter distances.  However, while each of the three aspects of building speed are important, by far the most important, and the easiest to do, is to simply sprint.  Running fast will build muscle and get the turnover your legs need.  The upshot is this: if you only have time to do one of the three things, make sure it’s the sprints themselves.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241