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If you want to get awesome results in the gym, you need to train in all three planes of motion. These planes of motion are the Frontal, Sagital & Transverse Planes. The frontal plane divides the body into front & back, sagital plane divides the body into right & left halves and the transverse plane divides the body in top & bottom. These are the planes of motion that the body can move through, so you can combine many different movement patterns to exercise in. You may even combine them to create two movements for one exercise. This type of creativity is what will spark extra calorie & fat burning, which is what you want when going after that lean and ripped look. Amazing bodies are constantly being introduced new stimuli, so look at the  planes of motion and start to develop routines that will address all three areas, because if you just focus on one or two, you may not be utilizing the bodies full potential. Get creative and have fun.Thanks, Kisar DhillonThe Portland Personal Trainer