Portland Fitness | When was the last time you were hungry?

This seems like a silly question to ask, but when was the last time you were hungry? When was the last time you actually heard your stomach growl for food? The interesting thing about us Americans is that we are so timed and regulated of when we should eat, even if we are not hungry. It seems that other external variables tell us when to eat, rather than listening to our own body signals of when we really should eat. Also, if we do not know when was the last time we were hungry, how do we know when we are really full or satiated? I heard one theory suggest that do not drink a bunch of fluids when you are eating because it will mask the feeling of being full. When you take your first gulp of water, wine, etc. you should stop eating. Your body may be telling you that I am full and by drinking that is a key indicator. This is just a suggestion, but it sort makes sense. Media tells us that we should eat because the meal deal is so good, it doesn't matter if your are hungry or not, it is going to taste good regardless. Try listening to your body next time and discover what being hungry is and then act accordingly. I believe that we would eat less if we paid attention to our bodies needs, versus what other people say we should do, when we should eat, and what to put in our mouths.Thanks,Kisar