Portland Fitness Trainer| What time should I workout?

What time should I workout? Does it matter? No, it does not matter when you do your workout. For example, it is 2pm here in West Coast California and I am going to workout around 3pm. I don't like to workout in the morning, but some people have no choice, because of schedules, families, work, etc.  If it gets too hectic after you get off of work, then a morning workout may be the way to go, but you need to set a schedule of when to wake up, time to workout, time to shower and then go to work or back home. When both mornings and after work is crazy, then you may need to workout on your lunch breaks. If that is not going to work for you, then I recommend having someone come to your home to train you. There are a lot of options out there, you just need to see which one works with your work schedule and just life demands!NOTE: When it comes to running long distances, then I would recommend either the morning or evening. Try to avoid the heat, because most endurance races start in the early morning, so you want to condition your body to exercise in those conditions.Thanks,Kisar