Portland Fitness Trainer - The RICE Principle!

When ever you have an injury you always want to follow the R.I.C.E. Principle. This principle stands for: 1.  REST - in order to heal properly, you need to rest the affected area and your body!2. ICE - ice is the miracle drug. If they could manufacture ice in a pill, it would be the top selling drug. It reduces swelling, lowers                 body heat when temperatures are elevated, and provides the ultimate cooling relief.3. Compression - this allows for the affected area to neither become too inflamed or to reduce blood flow if their is a                                         laceration or cut. Compression with Ice provides an excellent anti-inflammation response.4. Elevation - when ever you are post-op or have injured an area of your body (such as the knee or foot), you always want to elevate           that part above the heart so it does not produce a throbbing effect (increases pain). If you have high blood pressure, your                           physician will instruct you if you are allowed to do this. Elevating your limbs above your heart is not recommended for                               individuals with high blood pressure, so please check with your physician about this position.Thanks,Kisar