Portland Fitness Trainer | I want to get Stronger!

In order to get stronger, you need to set some parameters on what your ultimate goal is. If you need a certain amount of strength and power to run and pull yourself over a 6 foot wall, then you need to train specifically for that movement ( law enforcement training camp). For others, they may want to increase their bench or leg press. Once you have identified the goal that you want to achieve then you can develop the plan to make this happen. You will need to develop a system that will involve muscular endurance training, muscle hypertrophy training and then adding supplemental routines (functional, suspension training, high intensity training, etc). You are basically going to do a periodization program where your phases will be split up in 4 week blocks and each week will build upon the next, but with a program. Do not just train with one style, especially if your goal is power. A lot of individuals will do the overload principle for every workout, but that is focusing more on muscle hypertrophy, not power. If you find that you have stagnated with your workout, or you just cannot get to that next level, I would recommend you seek the advice of a strength and conditioning coach or a veteran personal trainer who can evaluate your current routine and then add suggestions to make it better.Thanks,Kisar S.Dhillon