Portland Fitness Program | Building a Training Routine

Developing a fitness program really takes some time and effort to develop. If you goal is to lose fat, increase muscle mass, increase power or other sport specific goals, you have to plan the routine out over a larger time frame. Individuals think that they can just walk into a gym and start walking on the treadmill or lift a few weights. Yes, at the beginning the walking on the treadmill will increase your results, especially if you have never exercised before, but there will come a time when you will need to take that routine to the next level. That is where program design will come into play.You first need to decide what your goal is. Once you figure that out then we need to do an assessment to see where you are and where you need to go. Once we have that baseline, then we can start to build a program based on your current health & fitness status, your ultimate goal, realistic time lines and mile stones that we think can be achievable. The rule to follow is that we want to always keep the body guessing and we need to do our best to make that our goal when designing a program. If you can come away with anything from this quick article, always change up your program. You can even change it up every four weeks, like with a periodization program.