Fitness & Exercise | How to lose that Belly Fat?

I am not going to sugar coat on how to lose belly fat because there is lot of gimmicks and fads out in the market that promise, but basically do nothing. The two kinds of belly fat that we will address are: the normal kind of adipose tissue that we all can relate to and it is accumulated in-between our muscle and skin, and second, the visceral fat that surrounds our internal organs for a means of protection. In both cases the fat increases in size due to a poor diet, lack of exercise and just genetics.Fat is not our enemy, because we need a certain body fat percentage in both our body and diet for basic vital functions. When it becomes an issue is when body fat is too high or too low of a percentage. The human body is a marvelous machine and it will let you know when it is not happy, because it will start to break down informing us that we need to act quickly before it is irreversible.When we want to lose that muffin top or gut that goes over our waist lines, most of the time it is due to a poor diet and lack of exercise. There is a certain percentage of the population that will have endocrine/hormone problems, but that number is small. I know a lot of individuals who blame it on their thyroid and then they find out it was just from pure laziness and they were hoping a pill would do the trick.In order to lose the belly fat and shrink it, you should initially concentrate on three things:

  1. Your food intake – this is so important (I have some short videos on food, fast food choices, etc)
  2. Your cardiorespiratory exercise or cardio
  3. A resistance routine – ask me any questions, I will answer them!
If you want to spot train that part of your abdominal area without doing the three components, you will have strong muscles, but your stomach might get bigger and protrude out even farther. Why? Because you are not reducing the amount of body fat through the 3 variables, you are only building muscle in that area, which is not what we want. We want this to be a process that will have combining efforts of losing body fat percentage at a normal rate in order to develop muscle mass, and allow your skin to rebound from being stretched in that position for so long.If your skin in that area already has stretch marks you will not be able to get rid of them unless you have laser treatments or some kind of plastic surgery. In addition, if your skin has been in that position for many years, there is huge possibility that it has lost its elasticity and will not rebound back. Which means you will have to undergo plastic surgery to remove that excess skin or just live with it.Losing the normal kind of adipose tissue is a lot easier than shrinking the underlying visceral fat. I usually call this hard-gut or beer gut, because when you touch their stomach it is hard as a rock. You cannot have liposuction with this condition because it is behind the muscle wall hanging out with the organs. This type of fat is extremely dangerous to have and it is a key indicator of heart disease and the precursor to diabetes. In order to lose this type of body fat you need to do two things:
  1. 100% Concentration on your food intake
  2. Start a cardiorespiratory program – I recommend walking versus running with this condition
    1. Resistance Training - After you start seeing results with the food intake and your walking program, then implement weight training!  When you are ready, ask me any question and I will do my best to answer them.
Losing the belly fat is something that a lot of individuals want to get rid of, but your body will initiate its fat loss where it wants to. You can target a specific area, but only if you undergo plastic surgery and do liposuction. Some people are lucky and the first place they lose those inches is in their abdominal area, others may see it in their face, legs, buttocks or their arms. Eventually, it will get to the abdominal part of your body and then it will start to shrink, but be patient. If you want to lose weight really quick and go on one of those crazy 500 calorie diets, your skin won’t have the necessary time to rebound back. You want to lose that belly fat the safest way and that will give you the best results.I want you to make a realistic plan of when you want to lose that belly fat, set some goals and milestones that you can objectively measure, and reward yourself when you reach each and everyone.Thanks,Kisar S. Dhillon