Portland Fitness: Adding HITT & Weight Lifting in the same fitness workout

If you are getting bored with your HITT training and are tired of doing the same DVD program because it is just repeating the same steps, doing the same warm-up, etc., then you need to start adding weights to your routine too. What I mean is do the HITT exercises you like for about 30 minutes, and then for the other 30 minutes do your resistance training. For one, your muscles are going to be extremely warmed up, but you will still be able to get a great pump with the body parts you are going to be exercising. Once you get used to this type of workout, you can even get more creative and start implementing some easy resistance moves with your HITT training, or add in pull-ups, spin bicycle, treadmill and the elliptical.

I will be adding more information in later posts in regards to this, but for now try doing 30 minutes before or after your resistance training and see how that works for you.


Kisar S. DhillonPersonal Trainer Portland 

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