Poor Posture From Too Much Running | Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

Exercises to fix poor posture from too much runningRunning is a great form of exercise, but is sorely lacking in certain areas, specifically strengthening the upper body.  Many runners have underdeveloped musculature on their backs especially, because doing a pull-up is more difficult than a push-up and requires more equipment.  This leads to the telltale runner’s hunch, a forward rounding of the shoulders.  Here are some fundamental exercises to straighten posture and increase strength.

  • Back Rows – These can be dumbbell rows, machine rows, TRX rows, whatever. These will strengthen your back and pull your shoulders up.
  • Pull-ups – These are quite possibly the best back strengthening exercise around. They are also one of the most difficult.  Modify them by placing a chair or something under the bar and using your legs to help pull you up.
  • Pectoral stretch – put one hand in a door frame and turn your body away from it, keeping your arm straight. You should feel the stretch in your chest, and your pecs will become less tight.
  • Stand up straight – this one is hard to do, as it’s easy to fall into a slouch when you are tired or not paying attention. However, the best way to have good posture is to have good posture.  Eventually your body and muscles will become used to the position, and it will be natural.
Doing these exercises a few times a week in addition to your normal stretching and strengthening routines will do wonders to straighten out your posture.  They will also increase your upper body strength, which can actually be beneficial while running.  And for those of you that are worried about gaining too much mass: don’t concern yourselves.  Doing body-weight rows or pull-ups isn't going to get you huge, and it certainly won’t do much to slow you down. There are so many runners here in the Pacific Northwest and at our Portland personal training studio, we see our fair share of rounded shoulders, especially from runners who sit at a desk at their job during the day when they are not outside or on the treadmill enjoying their physical activity.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241