Pokémon Go | Getting People Moving

We have been hearing for many years that obesity has been linked to multimedia activities in both adults and kids. With the popularity of at home units and multiplayer online games, a lot of gamers will not leave their homes or even go outside. For one, we know this is not healthy for the body, but when one gets addicted to a game, its all about getting to that next level.Pokemon GoWhen I first heard of the craze of Pokémon Go, I was just thinking it was just another type of game that a ton of people are going to get addicted to, but the more I was hearing about it on the news and hearing some of the interviews of users, it dawned on me that this game is meant to play both inside and outdoors; which is awesome.I feel that some of the users are now exploring areas of their city that they have never been too, and it is forcing them to actually put one foot in front of the other so they can find some Pokémon.  I heard one news anchor person mention that one of the positive aspects of the game is that Pokémon Go can take you to historic sites in your city, which is a great way for locals and people from out of town, to survey and explore.Honestly, I have not downloaded the game, but I am thinking about doing it, but I know how addicted these games can be.  I may just watch from afar and see what it is all about. I have not read any of the restrictions, like when you are driving, etc., but if it is solely based on walking or even running, then I am all for a game that is going to get individuals moving more than they are use too.It would be really interesting to see what updates they have for their users. I could totally see some fitness aspects integrated with it, but also finding Pokémon in certain venues, restaurants, bars, and just areas where their may be a hidden price, discount, etc. I feel that the potential for this game can go beyond getting individuals to move more, but it can hopefully point individuals towards healthier options.  We will just have to wait and see!The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241