Plank variations for beginners

A plank is a form of exercise which helps to build up a strong core, a strong core results in a perfect posture for the body. Planks can in general called as a floor exercise and mostly does not need any props for the workout.


A plank is an effective exercise for the core, however shoulders, arms, thighs and back muscles they too get strong as they are being stretched.


Let’s first see how exactly to do these planks:


Hold the body parallel to the ground stiffly on the support of elbows and toes. You can either keep it in parallel position for some time ordo push-ups and then relax the body on the ground.




  • Strengthening the core

  • Improves the overall balance of the body

  • No props required


Type of Planks:


Though a very effective core exercise, it might become a bit monotonous so there are some different types of planks which can give you the same results.

  1. One Arm Plank- this is where you use only one arm for holding or push-ups, the other arm is rested on the back.

  2. Side Plank- in this plank lay on one side raise your body on the elbow and hold. Effective on side areas fat burn.

  3. Wall Plank -this can be done standing or laying doe where your legs take the support of the wall and elbows are on the ground holding the body.

  4. One leg plank-This plank strengths the thigh portion, its just like one arm however her one leg stays in the air while the other supports.


These were some of the types of planks for the persons who are beginners and have just started with planks.

Type of Planks

Type of Planks