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I would have to say one of our specialties is training women to get back in shape, lose inches, lose body fat, increase their stability and just to overall feel great about their health, wellness and their body. Most of our clientele is female, but we also get some men that like to train here too. The thing is that we specialize in body shaping, not bulking up. We do not do  massive amounts of power lifting, but we do sculpting  toning, losing inches and body fat. That is what our expertise is and we have told other individuals to go to a power-lifting or Crossfit type of gym if you want to achieve those types of bulking up results. At the Art of Personal Training, we are all about making you look and feel great, and at the same time, getting you into those jeans, or putting back on those clothes that you did not think you were going to get back into. Time and time again our clients are telling us that when they go out to an engagement or they have not seen individuals in a while, they are getting compliments about how great they are looking or "what are you doing to look like that'. It is all about consistency and surrendering to the process of getting back your body, health and mind. We are one of the only private boutique personal training studios that solely do private, one on one personal training in this Portland, Oregon. A lot our competitors are into the group training or Crossfit type of gym, but not us. We go against the grain and want to make sure that those individuals that want that personal attention can get here at this Portland personal training studio. We hope to hear from you and thank you for reading this informational blog about our business.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214