Personal Training In Portland | What To Eat Prior To Exercise | Portland, Oregon

This is always a big questions with a lot of our clients is: what should we eat before we come to our personal training session. We always give them some certain rules that they should abide by, but sometimes, they are a meeting or an event and the food choices are limited, so it happens. The foods that we want out clients to avoid prior to working out are:1. Fruit juices that are super acidic2. No heavy proteins: red meat, chicken, etc. We don't want you to eat proteins that will take a long time to digest.3. Foods that have heavy types of sauces because it may cause your stomach to get upset4. No spicy foods5. No alcoholic beveragesThese are some basic rules that we them to follow, because you want to have an amazing training session, and when you stomach feels sour, you are burping up acid, etc., it is not fun. You want to ingest foods that can give you energy, are easy to digest and can be eaten if needed during a workout. These can include:1. Apple slices2. Banana3. Protein or Meal Replacement Bar4. Electrolyte type of drink5. Mild type of fresh pressed fruit drink6. WaterI hope these tips will help with your future exercise routines and remember, if you are going to be eating out with friends, colleagues, etc., give yourself ample time before showing up to meet your personal trainer Portland or workout partner.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241