Personal Trainer Portland: Portland Fitness Tips to Burn Calories

Keeping fit is a priority for many individuals nowadays and there is no disadvantage in wanting so. Who does not want to live longer and enjoy life better?Getting to it may not always have to make you sweat and spend extra money. You can burn calories as easy as dreaming if you only try. A fitness trainer Portland knows how to help you in and out the gym, all you have to do is listen and believe to what they say.1. LOL: Laugh out loudThis does not only work for Internet communication but for every other individual who wants to simply burn calories without even wanting too. It may sound silly but studies have been made and concur that laughing does not only stretch facial muscles but burn calories too. Chat with friends and spend your 15-minute break laughing and surely you will burn calories with joy. 2. Save your cab fare and walk insteadUnless you are late for work, walking works for you. Most employed people spend their day sitting down or doing less movement and if you are one of these people then help yourself by walking to and from work daily. Calories cannot be burned by sitting down the whole day, help yourself live healthy. 3. Do not be afraid to step into the coldBeing comfortable does not make you burn calories; it only makes you gain more. A good tip in burning calories is to burn more energy and the cold helps with that. You don’t have to freeze yourself, just allow yourself to shiver once in a while or better yet, scrape the ice out your lawn once in a while. Work yourself out even when the dips low, it will help greatly. 4. Shoo away the vampires and eat some cloves of garlicPlease be warned: Do this only when you are alone and in the comforts of your own home. Though they may render you bad breath, garlic can help burn calories by increasing your metabolism.Garlic increases bowel movement and that can help you to lose unwanted fat from the body. Do it and share it with your personal trainer Portland Oregon and you might just find yourself laughing and healthily burning calories while at it.5. EnjoyYou burn more calories by enjoying life, you know. Live a fun life and you will find that you are living a healthy life at that. Personal trainer Portland will encourage you to do that once in a while and lessen your stress about work and life in general. Give yourself a break sometime and mind you, you might already be burning calories just by chatting with friends, rowing a boat, flying a kite, kissing, sleeping and a whole lot more. Make a personal trainer Portland your buddy, they do not only make you feel better, look better but ultimately, give you the best and quality advice ever. Remember, fitness trainer Portland is not your enemy in burning calories.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241