Personal Trainer Portland Oregon | Learning Control With Free Weights

One of the biggest challenges for people new to working out is controlling their movements while lifting weights.  Typically they are fine as they go up, but more often than not they let gravity do the work on the way down and offer very little resistance to the weight.  Typically, this is either because the weight is too heavy for them or they don’t know to do any different.  What they don’t know is that by not resisting the weight and controlling its descent, they are missing good strength building opportunities. If you are exercising with a friend who can spot you or with a Portland personal trainer, discuss with them about the importance of control and how it can benefit you in your fitness gains.There are two types of muscle contractions: concentric and eccentric.  Concentric muscle contractions occur when the weight is being lifted, or when the muscle is actually shortening.  Eccentric muscle contractions occur when the weight is being lowered, or when the muscle is lengthening.  The muscle is still contracting even while it is lengthening; that’s why the weight is (ideally) slowly lowered instead of dropped straight to the floor.  When people don’t resist the pull of the weight on the way down, they aren’t performing eccentric contractions, which are hugely important when building muscle.The basic rule is this: no matter what exercise you are doing, be it bench press or hip adduction with a band or repeat 400’s, it is important that the exercises be done with control.  It’s tempting to just push through exercises, to complete them in as little time as possible.  But if you do that, you are missing out on opportunities to gain fitness.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241