Personal Trainer Portland Or | Plantar Fasciitis Pain

It hurts when you take that first step in the morning! It feels like you have a broken heel or there is a piece of glass in there! I TOTALLY GET IT! I suffered many years with this pain and it is just mind draining to have to deal with this plantar fasciitis. Here are some exercises and tips I did to help with the pain.

  1. Massaged the area during the day and before going to bed with a golf ball.
  2. Slept with a night boot, but you need to find the right one. Some are way too bulky and the toe one makes your toe fall asleep.
  3. Strengthening your arch and surrounding muscles by picking things up with your toes. Start off with picking up a towel up.
  4. I would even go as far to recommend yoga toes when you are lying in bed.
  5. Stretch the calves muscles throughout the day
  6. Balance on one leg to fire those small muscles and stabilizers in your toes and foot.
  7. Do your research on the types of orthotics you wear. Make sure they are good for your feet and they are not just a selling tool from your health professional.
  8. Find an excellent podiatrist to work with. Going to a DC is great, but a podiatrist specializes in feet, so go to the person who is a pro at this area of the body.
  9. Losing weight can help tremendously. In addition, if you have flat feet, then orthotics will be a must.
  10. If the plantar fascia is actually torn, then it may make sense to have a plantar release, which is when they actually surgically release/cut the plantar fascia.
I hope these tips help, but most of all, be proactive with the health of your feet, because you only get one pair of them. If you need assistance losing weight, then contact a fitness professional or personal trainer Portland Or to help with this specific variable or goal. The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241