Personal Trainer Portland Or | Knee Pain | Hurts to Run

Going downstairs HURTS, it HURTS to run and even walking the dog can be AGONIZING!  If you are an avid fitness enthusiast and you are experiencing this, do not feel like you are along. I am actually elevating my knee right now for the same conditions and feeling and it is mentally draining, but you have to keep pushing through. I am not saying, to push through the pain and keep running or doing what makes it hurt. But you need to stay active and do your best to get that heart rate up.Here is  list of things I have been doing to keep the intensity up, but without killing my knee:1. Riding the indoor spinning bike for 40 minutes at least 3 to 4 days per week2. Resistance training with free weights, machine weights, suspension training and balance/rehab training for both of my knees3. Massage - I will take the time out of the day to just rub the area that is tender. Even though it hurts like a mother, I feel that rubbing the area and the surrounding tissue will increase blood flow to the area and hopefully aid in healing.4. Avoiding what created the pain to begin with, which was that 5 mile run I did last Sunday. I should of known 10 steps into the run that my running days are behind me.5. Always warming up and cooling down. In addition to stretching the quadriceps, but also stretch the surrounding muscles too: hamstrings, calves, etc.I hope this helps with your rehab or training program, especially if you are suffering from knee pain. Also, pain can also be signal that your shoes are just getting old and they no longer are giving you the support you need. If you are working with a Portland personal trainer, fitness expert or with a workout partner ask them about where to get a great pair of shoes for the sport or activity you are playing. I on the other hand get orthotics made by Hanger Orthotics, which is the top place to get any orthotic or prosthetic made in the United States. Most doctors will send their order to this company because they are the best, or you can go to them in person. There are few offices in the Portland, Oregon area. The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241