Personal Trainer Portland OR | Are You Skinny Fat? Are You Thin, But Mushy?

There are a lot of individuals that are thin looking when they are in clothes, but when they are in shorts, swimming clothes or even naked, they are mushy, squishy, or as we say in the fitness world; Skinny Fat!So what is skinny fat? Skinny fat is when a person who is thin because they watch what they eat and they do lot of cardiorespiratory exercise (running, elliptical, walking, etc), but they have no muscle. A lot of these individuals have a high percentage of body fat because they are not engaging in any weight lifting. They could be a lot healthier if they would of trained correctly. Meaning, if they were doing some kind of resistance training while they were eating healthy and doing their aerobic exercise, the muscle would of filled in the areas where they were losing fat, with actual muscle. When this happens, they are more firm, more toned and they are physically stronger. In addition, with females, their bones will be maintaining their bone density, versus losing it because they are not incorporating a resistance training program in their fitness routine.You will see this skinny fat when you see a women dressed very nicely, but when you look at her arms in a sleeveless shirt,  there is nothing to them. They do not have to be all sculpted or very defined, but they can be firm, not squishy or flapping in the wind. It is really noticeable when you hug a person who is thin, but it feels like hugging pillow.The challenging thing is letting this type of person know that they could be healthier if they would just a few modifications to their current routine. They are thin and everyone probably compliments them how they look, but most of the time they are unhealthy. That is why BMI is not a great indicator of someones true health, because it does not take into consideration lean body mass, body fat percentage, but only height to weight ratios. If you think you have this type of body, I highly suggest that you get your body fat percentage done by an experienced personal trainer in your area. In addition, I would also take a picture of yourself with a bathing suit on to see how the body is looking from a different perspective. If you do not like it, you can always do something about it. Pictures do not lie, so take them periodically so you can see the improvements! Best of luck and lets build some of that muscle mass so you can improve your body fat percentage and maintain that bone density.Thank You,Kisar S. Dhillon The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241