Personal Trainer Portland | Light Cardio Before and After

I have been getting a lot of questions about doing a light cardio before and after working out and the answer I give is, Yes! I think doing a small walk on the treadmill or around the area you are going to be exercising is a great way to wake up the body and let it know that it is going to be doing something in the near future.  In addition,  it also a good idea to make the cardio bout something similar to what you are going to be doing in order for motor patterns and muscle groups to get warmed up. I don't want you to go 100% when you are doing this light cardio exercise, but enough to get warm and get the juices flowing for some great exercise.After you are done with your activity, game and/or event, it is a good idea to do some light cardio afterwards. For one, it will prevent blood pulling in the muscle groups that were utilized the most during this exercise, and it will recirculate the blood. If you were doing a lot of running for a lengthy period of time, and you just stop, there is a possibility of fainting or feeling uneasy. In addition, if you were doing a a lot of high intensity interval training (HITT), then doing a light cardio session afterwards will help  flush the rest of the lactic acid so it can be utilized by the body and to relieve any tight muscles from cramping. In addition, this could also ward off extreme soreness (DOMS) in the following days after exercise.There are a lot of positives for a light cardio before and after so I would give it a try and see what you think.Thank for reading,Kisar S. Dhillon