Portland Personal Trainer: Keeping Fit, Healthy & Vibrant in Portland at 40

One of the best weapons you have against the rigors of being 40 is through eating a proper diet. A proper diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, broiled fish, nuts, and lots of fluids. Your body can adapt more to the changes in your system if you have a nutritious food intake, versus what the rest of the USA is eating, cheap fast food! You also need to add fiber gradually to your diet. You must do it slowly to give your digestive system enough time to adjust to your fresh fiber intake. Apple and potato peel is rich in fiber so keep them in.  Wash your fruits thoroughly before eating and cooking them. Split peas are a good source of fiber as well. It contains the right amount of protein that you require. Lessen the amount of sugar intake and avoid foodstuffs that are using white flour and too much oil. Avoid fries and if you have to, use healthy vegetable oils. To be able to keep the weight and maintain the energy you need, you have to eat more but less.  This means that you can eat as often as you want but the size of the food must be less. You can no longer use the formula of skipping a meal just to prepare for a banquet ahead because the design of your body now can no longer tolerate that kind of rigidity.In addition to a great food plan, you also need to follow a consistent workout program that will help maintain your heart, lungs and muscles. This is going to require doing some cardiorespiratory exercise and resistance training to keep those bones and muscles strong. If you lack the motivation to start and maintain such a program, then hire a Portland personal trainer to make that part of your life successful.In Portland, Oregon there is ton of activities that you can that are both inside and outside. When the rains stop and the hiking, running, water sports and outdoor activities start to increase, you can work with your personal trainer on outdoor exercises. This can involve training for running races, increasing your muscular endurance, etc. Have fun with this, be consistent, but most off all have fun. If you feel that you are getting stagnant with what you are doing, then take that extra step and hire a Portland personal trainer to take you to that next level, it will be money well spent.Thanks,Kisar S. DhillonThe Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241