Personal Trainer Portland: Importance of Low Body Fat

Why Having Low Body Fat is ImportantIn the world of business, there is a well-used saying: “What gets measured gets managed.” This is one principle that also holds true when it comes to managing your body weight and keeping off unwanted excess pounds. Calculating and keep tabs on your body fat percentage, in particular is very important.Why Bother Measuring Body Fat Percentage?Whether you are an athlete or an individual on a weight management program, controlling your body fat percentage is an integral component to keep excess weight off for good. No monitoring of body fat increases the risks of reducing lean muscles and gaining back the unwanted fat, without you knowing it.The truth of the matter is, your trusty weighing scale will not indicate subtle changes but your body fat measurement surely will. If you are starting to notice that you are gradually loosing lean mass, take a measurement and work with your personal trainer Portland to make the necessary adjustments.According to studies, as a person reaches the age of 20, the body will gradually lose muscle and gain more fat. If you have been comforted with the steady body weight over the years, for all you know, you are losing lean tissue mass and replacing it with body fat.For athletes, this is definitely an unacceptable possibility since increase in body fat will adversely impact sports performance. In fact, excess body fat is closely associated with injury and reduced athletic performance. Excessive body fat percentage essentially acts as your body’s “dead weight”, which leads to reduced speed as well as efficiency of movement.Guidelines on Body Fat PercentageSo what’s the ideal body fat percentage, you may ask. First off, this figure does not exist, as it varies from one person to another, dependent on a number of factors such as age and gender. There is also the fact that certain people tend to perform better with slightly higher than normal body fat, so it’s a case to case basis.To give you an idea, anywhere within the range provided below is generally acceptable: Age                                       Gender                               Recommended Body Fat PercentageUp to 30                            Female                                14-21%Male                                     9-15%30 to 50                             Female                                15-23%Male                                     11-17%50 and above                 Female                                16-25%Male                                     12-19%Lower is not Always BetterA specific amount of body fat is important for health and proper function. It low body fat percentage is excessively low, it can also has a detrimental effect on your body. To understand better, body fat percentage can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Storage Fat. This includes fat deposited under the subcutaneous fat or skin.
  • Essential Body Fat. This type of fat is essential to maintain proper body function.
With this in mind, make sure to stick within the recommended range and not below or over it. Rest assured that this extra effort is one of the most important positive steps you’ll take for life-long health.To help you with your fitness goals, it is generally best to work with a personal trainer Portland  who is best equipped with the right level of expertise to help you come up with a customize fitness plan and deliver measurable results.Thank You,Kisar S. DhillonThe Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241