Personal Trainer Portland: How To Reduce Calories in your Diet

Here are few tricks that you can use to reduce your caloric intake throughout the day. The first part is when you wake up and a lot of individuals like to use creamer, half & half or whole milk. If it is the color or strong taste of coffee that you are trying to reduce, then add a little bit of non-fat/skim milk to your cafe beverage. For one you are not getting all of that saturated fat and you are basically not adding that many calories to it versus the other types of creamers.If you are just dying to have a regular mocha with whip cream, then next time you are at Starbucks, ask for a Mini sized mocha with lite whip.The next thing to look at is fruit juices and how many calories those drinks have. Just because you having a fruit juice drink, does not mean it is packed with low calories, but those empty calories can add up.The next time you are going to put some kind of beverage in your mouth, ask yourself can I make this healthier and if you cannot, maybe you should not have it or only drink half of it.Thanks,Kisar DhillonThe Personal Trainer