Personal Trainer Portland: Fat Loss Expert

When living in Portland, Oregon the opportunity to eat amazing food is everywhere, because this city is known for their great food, excellent beer, and some of the best mixologists in the country.  If you love to eat, which most of us do, then having a goal to lose weight, reduce your body fat, or start a fitness program on the right track may be challenging with so much temptation.If you have started a fitness program at a local Portland fitness gym or at your home, then you need to look at how the results are coming along. Are you generating the types of results that you want? If the answer is yes, then good job! If the answer is no, what area do you need help in? Are you having trouble with consistency or accountability? Are you having a challenging time with your food program because you do not know what types of foods to eat when you are trying to lose body fat weight? Lastly, are just not able to push yourself out of your comfort zone to keep getting those amazing results. If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you probably need either hiring a Portland personal trainer who can assist you in losing that percentage of body fat that you want to achieve.The key to losing body fat is you need to not only have an intense enough workout, but you have to be able to constantly change your program up but keep in your fitness ability range. The last thing you want to do is go to a boot camp or group fitness class that is just too hard and the instructor is having a challenging time helping you adapt to the exercises that are being performed. When you go to a boot camp or group fitness class, the personal attention is lost and the probability of injury starts to increase. If you are looking to save on costs, then may trying small group personal training is the way   to go.When you start to work with a Portland personal trainer, they are going to be able to push you out of your comfort zone the entire time you are working out, which is exactly what you want. The personal trainer wants your body to always be guessing, because that is how you will burn the most amount of calories, which equates to a loss in weight. If you are burning 500 calories through exercise and really watching the types of foods you eat, you can lose a minimum of 1 pound of fat per week, which is great!To recap what we have just discussed, you want to work out of your comfort zone in order to create the most effective workouts that will increase fat loss. In addition, you want to do exercises that are within your fitness level, so you need to really screen boot camps and large group fitness classes that lack the personal attention you will get with a private personal training or a private small group personal training session.  Lastly, the food that you put into your mouth’s needs to be the right types of foods, and if you can work with a nutritionist, registered dietician or personal trainer Portland who can support in your food intake, then you are more geared for success an achieving your fat loss goals and getting into the best shape of your life.