Personal Trainer Portland | Exercises for Increased Fat Loss

If you are looking for some great exercises for fat loss well here is one that you need to start trying. I have discussed the use of high intensity interval training with body weight exercises, but why don't you try it with a spin bike or bicycle. The way that you can do this is when you are warmed up and you are ready to kick it into gear, you want to increase your workload to at least 80 to 90 percent  and then sprint it out for as hard as you can for 8 to 10 seconds and then decrease the load and recover for 12 to 15 seconds. You want to perform this routine for at least 20 minutes, but make sure you do a warm up prior to doing this type of exercise. In addition, you want to cool down to get the blood recirculated to prevent blood pooling in the lower extremities. If you want to know how to add this type of training with other types of exercises or modes of activity, then I would recommend contacting your local health and fitness professional. If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, then I would recommend contacting a professional Portland personal trainer to educated you on more options for this type of training.Thanks,Kisar S. DhillonThe Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241