Personal Trainer Portland: Creating Fat Loss!

If you are looking to get a six pack, then I need to let you know up front that doing only crunches by itself is not going to make this happen. If you are part of the luck population that has amazing genetics, a good metabolism and the ability to grow amazing lean muscle mass, then maybe it is possible. For most of the general population it is going to involve proper food intake, a variety of cardiorespiratory exercises and resistance training. If you are having a challenging time making all of these components come together, then I highly recommend that you contact a personal trainer Portland professional or local fitness expert in your area.When it comes to the food component I always want you to start off with what you are already eating, just make it healthier. If you like to fry food, then lets start by baking it with tasty herbs and spices. When you are doing great at that, we will then broil or grill this specific food if it is meat, poultry or fish.Next we need to look at the cardiorespiratory exercise or cardio/aerobic. The rule of thumb is that you always want to have a decent amount of intensity in order to create caloric expenditure. You will burn more fat at a higher intensity than with doing cardio in the low fat burning set up that they have on those machines.The last component is weight lifting. If you want to increase your resting metabolic rate, then you need to increase your lean muscle mass. The only way to do this is through resistance training in various forms. When someone has a good amount of lean muscle tissue on their body, the muscle requires more calories because it is larger, which equates to more caloric expenditure. If you can burn a good amount of calories while at rest, then you will achieve a quicker metabolism.Thank You,Kisar DhillonPersonal Trainer Portland The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241