Personal Trainer Portland | Battling Boredom With Exercise

We’ve all found ourselves in a rut a time or two, whether it be with our job, our daily schedule, or our workout.  We find that we get so comfortable in a routine of doing things a certain way, we don’t want to challenge our brain, or make things complicated.  The problem is, when we allow this happen, we lose motivation to complete the task at hand altogether.A Portland personal trainer will emphasize adding variety to your workout routine, as well as in your daily life.  This helps you stay committed and interested to your exercises.  When you find yourself starting at the same machine every day, hitting the same set of exercises, and finishing your workout with the same set of core work, you’re bound to get bored.So how do you prevent yourself from getting to this point?  Here are some tried and true tips that will prevent you from falling into a rut and continue to keep you motivated.

  1. Plan ahead.  Just as you plan what you’ll be making for dinner each week and what time to watch your favorite shows, do the same for your workouts.  Write out not only what muscle groups you plan to train, but also how will train those muscles.  Mix up your training schedule each week.
  2. Try something new.  This doesn’t mean try the burpee to box jump you saw on youtube the other day.  Try a different cardio machine that you’ve always just walked past, a pickup game of basketball, a new class that intrigues you.  You never know, it could become a new favorite.
  3. Use new equipment.  If you find yourself always using dumbbells for bicep curls, personal trainer Portland says to switch it up.  The TRX suspension trainer or even resistance bands can give you a whole new feel on the well known exercise.  Each piece of equipment with challenge your body in different ways, not only preventing boredom, but also making you stronger.
  4. Try a new way of training.  Let’s say you always do a certain amount of reps, no matter what the exercise.  Try increasing the weight and intensity to push you to muscle failure.  Try HIIT training (high intensity interval training) when you’re short on time.  Complete an exercise all out for 30 seconds, rest for 10.  Pushing yourself to new limits is also a way to keep you interested and efficient with your training.
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