Personal Trainer Portland | Fall Is Here | Keep Working Out!

Fall is officially here! It is amazing how it can be sunny one day and then, WHAM-O, it is fall! I have heard about how the season can change, but I really though it would be a slower transition, not just overnight, but it is all great! So why I am all concerned about this being Fall all of sudden, because this is the time of the year when the sunshine barely comes out, people are not going to be doing that many outside activities and this is when waist lines start to expand, the inches start coming back and people just go to work and then home.What this means for personal trainers is that this is out time to shine and really show everyone that you can still maintain those great results that you achieved in Summer and you can keep them throughout the Fall and Winter months.  This is especially helpful when you want to get ready for snow sports, like skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, and snowmobiling.We want you to keep up the with your health, wellness and fitness so do you best to stay motivated during the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. If you know you are going on some great ski vacation, then make sure you train for it. The last you want to do is have a reconditioned body and go balls to the walls down some fast ski runs and you are not in the best of shape. This is a perfect example of with weekend warriors. They still think they have those agile fit bodies like they used to have when they were in shape, and then the inevitable happens: torn ACL, meniscus, broken bones or even back injuries.Please do the fitness work so you don't pay the price because you decided not to make time for you body. Excuses such as time, too busy with work or it is too expensive are not really valid. If you do hurt yourself, the cost of time away from work, can't go on family excursions and costing the company you work for in paid/disability leave will be felt by all people you surround yourself with. Make time for yourself and take care of your body. If it is motivation that you need, then hire a personal trainer. If it is about finding the right type of program, then do the research and then seek out the best fitness professional you can find in your area.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241