Personal Fitness Portland | Workout Clothing

If you are looking for stylish clothing to kick off 2012 there are a lot of options out there, but I tend to favor one specific brand and that is Lululemon. A lot of individuals know them for their women's yoga clothing, but they have a lot of stylish clothing for males too. I do yoga once in awhile,  but I love to buy Lululemon workout pants, short/long sleeve shirts and some beanies.  The great thing about this company's clothing is that it does not get too hot, you can workout pretty hard in them, and they are made with quality workmanship.  You can always get the dry-fit with the major sports companies, but when it comes to very hip, sheek, and great looking clothing that is great for exercising, I recommend Lululemon.Overall, shopping for workout clothes is a great time because you are looking for clothes that you not only look good in, but you are going sweat in too - the best of both worlds.Thanks and Happy Shopping,Kisar S. Dhillon