Personal Fitness Goals | Get Results | Don't Use Excuses

In 2012 I will be coming out with my first e-book and it will be about overcoming excuses in order for you to achieve those fitness results you have always wanted to create. I want to share just a little bit about excuses and why you should not be using them.On a strong note, you have been using excuses such as I have no time, it is too expensive, I can never do that, I don’t have a baby sitter, etc. for I don’t how long. The question I would initially ask you is: how are those excuses working for you, and how have they improved your lifestyle and well-being? This question is geared for you to focus internally rather than externally. It is rare that when someone asks you a question, it makes you think about yourself, but when one is posed directly at your internal you; it is hard to just snap back and answer. So how is it working for you? If you have not answered yet, give it time. It is a question that may take a few minutes or even a few days, but it will come. Or you may be avoiding the question because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry; avoidance is probably one of the most profound things we do as human beings.We like to resist confrontation, we like to resist things that make us feel uncomfortable, but the result is that it just keeps lingering on. The persistence of those unsolved resolutions just keep speaking to you in back of your head on why couldn’t I just handle that right away or why couldn’t I just tell that person yes or no.  When we cannot handle a situation or we just avoid it, we usually make an excuse of why we cannot do it, or find someone else around us that will support you in your excuse. So why do you make excuses?  Here is another question to ask yourself as soon as you answer the first one: How many excuses do you use per day that directly affect putting yourself first?  Making time for you is probably a top ten slot-placement to put an excuse. Let me guess, you don’t have time for yourself, or, I can’t get that massage for myself this weekend because my boss wants me to finish that project, and it is probably too expensive. Great, you just gave yourself two excuses in one sentence and both were reasons of why you cannot place yourself first. Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you cannot take care or reward yourself, how do you expect to live a healthier lifestyle and accomplish goals if you are not willing to let go of those old patterns.In order to be successful at a fitness and exercise program, you need to be clear in your intention and be okay with letting go of those old excuses. That is why personal trainers, motivational coaches, business consultants and great leaders are necessary because they develop a  relationship based on accountability and them being there when the going gets tough. In the fitness realm, it is so important to have a support network, workout partner, friends at the gym or a personal trainer to form a relationship with so they are there to take you to the next level, but also prevent you from slipping into your old habits.Take action in 2012 and write down those goals, find a workout partner or use a professional trainer and make it happen. Remember, excuses do not produce positive results, because if they did all of us would be using them and they would be working.Happy Holidays,Kisar S. Dhillon