Perfect Exercises for Obese even if you have knee pain

Whether you are experienced or beginner exercise seems hard at times ecrunchesspecially if you own a bad knee. Though there are gentle workouts which go finely with your knees. 

  1. Up and downs:
First, grab an armless chair and seat placing your flat on the floor. Keep your hands loose. Now stand up until you reach your full height. Stand for few second then sit down. Repeat the steps for 1 minute.
  1. Hamstring stretch:
First seat at the edge of your chair then Straighten one leg in front placing your hill on the ground. Make sure that your toes are pointing the ceiling. Now try to push your naval toward your thigh sitting straight. Do not lean forward the trunk of your body. Repeat the steps for 3 times.
  1. Calf raises:
Stand facing the back of your chair now uplift your body with the help of your heels, as high as possible. Then low down. For fast results try 3 set of 10 to 15 repetitions.
  1. Calf stretch:
Place one of your legsstraight in front of you and other just behind you. You are facing the back of your chair right? Now for grip place your hands on the tip of your chair. Place both of your heels on the floor keeping the back leg straight. Now you are advised to lean your torso in front of you holding the top of the chair. Feel the calf of your back leg.